Interview: Doug Williams talks TNA, British Invasion and X-Division

Hello Doug, and welcome back to the UK – you’ve been working very hard while you’ve been here…

The past week I’ve done four shows, all over the place – they’ve all been good, they’ve all been well attended. I’ve been working with people I knew before as well as newer guys like Martin Kirby, and guys I’d seen before like Dave Mastiff – all tremendous characters.

Do you enjoy coming back home?

I do. There’s no huge pressure, so I just have fun and a very nice experience – especially as it’s in isolation, I think if I had this schedule all the time it wouldn’t be so much fun! But it’s good to see fresh talent and see how the UK scene is improving. It’s definitely on the up, and I hope and think it’ll keep going that way.

Currently on TNA we’re seeing your former British Invasion partner Magnus having a run as tag-team champion with Samoa Joe – do you feel abandoned?

[laughs] Not at all. It was my turn in 2010, as X-Division champion, so I did the same to him then! He’s doing so well.

It looked for a while that the X-Division was going to get a real push…

Yes, there have been a few changes with creative, and they’re choosing to slow the product down a bit. I think they’ve probably got plans to highlight people that run over a longer period than previously.

It seems that one of these plans focuses on Austin Aries, who’s challenging Sting to use the X-Division talent in main events. Would that be something you’d like to see?

Absolutely. Size shouldn’t be a barrier for main eventing – it should be about how good you are and how good your character is, and if the fans buy it.

So what should we expect to see you doing on TV in the near future?

I’m not sure – maybe a shot at the TV title…

And when can we expect to see you back in the UK next?

Possibly early summer. Over here, there are good and bad months for promotions – May’s usually good, as there’s a half-term, and it’s before people go away for their summer holidays – so yes, I should be back over here then.

Looking forward to it already!

You can see Doug on Impact Wrestling (Challenge TV, Sundays 9pm) and follow him on Twitter @DougWilliamsUK.


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