Fact: Aiden English is our new favourite

Hands up who’s enjoying Rock and Cena back-and-forthing about who’s the most feminine ie weak ie rubbish ie stupid out of the pair of them? (If you put your hand up, I cordially invite you to stop reading this blog now.)

This, of course, follows the slut-shaming of Eve (the only clever thing about Rock’s concert was the verse about Cena’s wife), the humiliation of Natalya, and the ignoring of Beth Phoenix, the Divas champion, who’s being thrown into a pointless tag match at Wrestlemania involving some bint I’ve never heard of (seriously, she’s less famous than Snooki over here).

Thank goodness, then, for Aiden English, new to FCW – and the ladysmark’s new Superstar of choice.

He’s emerged on Twitter as a smart, liberal dude (with a theatre background!), and those of us pining for intelligent male WWE wrestlers who don’t hate women (in the absence of Wade Barrett) are flocking to him.

It’s tweets like this that have us hooked:

In a world where Rock claims to “love” women but the rest of his words and actions indicate that he despises women, in a world where the Divas are supposed to be “smart, sexy and powerful” but mostly just end up standing around in bikini-sized costumes and smiling, in a world where homosexuality is STILL used as an insult, Aiden English could be our only hope.



3 Responses to Fact: Aiden English is our new favourite

  1. ValkyrieSmudge says:

    In the words of a certain Mr Bryan, “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!”

    Aiden English is totally my new favourite. He seems to be the sanest most reasonable person in the entire world of wrestling already. And I only know he exists because I got annoyed at Chris Hero’s name change so checked out the other FCW new guys!

    I’m a bit concerned that I’m coming off like a crazy fan because my tweets are all along the lines of “How can you keep being so perfect?!”. Wouldn’t it be nice if such reasonable wrestlefolk were the rule rather than an exception that knocks us for six?

    I never thought I’d see the day, when someone as Scottish as I am, would describe myself as a Proud English-woman!

    Have you seen his videos on youtube?

  2. SmartMark says:

    Aiden is extremely talented both in the ring and on the mic. I know he is going to go far in this business.

  3. Joe says:

    That kid is going to be a superstar. I just wish he knew how to play poker.

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